Matt Jackson



I love making movies.


When I was ten, I would borrow the family video camera and try to shoot little movies.  Until I broke the camera and was banned from it for life that is.


I was reunited with film in college and this time nothing was going to tear us apart.  It was at the University of Arizona, in their (then) very small Media Arts department, with plenty of equipment and some great creative minds that my love for film turned into a passion.


At the end of those four years, after working on countless other films, I wrote and directed my first short film:  Waiting.  Set inside Heaven’s waiting room, the short focused on two men waiting for their final judgment; one more patient than the other.  A casually absurd comedy, it was very well received and ended up winning a short film contest on in 2005.


You can watch Waiting here.


After college came the big move to Los Angeles to chase my dream of directing.  Living in a small apartment in Glendale with three other filmmakers, we spent our time (when not PAing on indie sets) shooting fun internet videos under our unified label Cove Entertainment.  With an emphasis on speed and creativity, the goal was to produce quick, fun content while experimenting with different storytelling techniques. 


You can watch the Cove Entertainment shorts here.


Near the end of Cove Entertainment’s life span, I directed my first festival short, Background(ed).  Written by Benj Goehner and produced by Andy Gunn, Background(ed) is about being a background actor as a group of extras are unknowingly kidnapped and held hostage.  This (slightly) absurd farce ended up traveling the country, appearing in a dozen festivals between 2007 and 2008, ultimately netting a Best Picture, Best Action Adventure Film, and a Best Actor awards at the Palmodon Film Festival.


You can watch Background(ed) here.


Coming off the success of Background(ed), my focused turned to features and found the script for Love in the Time of Monsters.  This wild script about mascots run amok in a schlocky roadside attraction was right in my absurd wheelhouse and demanded to be on screen.  Over the course of the next few years, working with writer Michael Skvarla and producer Andy Gunn, we shook the pillars of heaven and made Love in the Time of Monsters a reality.


A culmination of all that came before it, Love in the Time of Monsters is the definition of a passion project.  From false starts to near catastrophes, there were a billion reasons why the movie never should have happened, and three why it did.  But, at the end of the day, it all paid off as the movie is now available nationwide on VOD and DVD, lighting up screens everywhere with this wacky tale of love, mascots, and zombie squirrels.


You can read about the journey of Love in the Time of Monsters here.  And find where to get it here.


Which brings us to today.  Armed with the knowledge of what it takes to make a great movie and the same burning passion I’ve had since childhood, I’ve been working tirelessly on new scripts and new ideas so I can do it all again.  The future is bright and I’m racing towards it, won’t you join me?


And someday I hope I  can get my Dad to lift the ban on the family camera.






Director, Associate Producer

Horror-Comedy Feature.

Starring: Doug Jones, Kane Hodder, Mike McShane, Shawn Weatherly, and Heather Rae Young, among others.  

Festivals:  Cinequest 24, Dances with Films, BendFilm, Another Hole in the Head, Arizona Underground Film Fest (Special Preview).


Includes stunts, practical effects, digital effects, remote locations, and a huge cast.  Followed the movie through post where I acted as an Assistant Editor and a VFX artist.



Director, Editor, Co-Producer

Action-Comedy Short.

Starring:  Tom Walz, Dominick Marrone, Andy Kallok, Gene Augusto, among others.

Festivals:  Plomondon Independent Film Festival, Beverly Hills Shorts Film Festival, Sunscreen Film Festival, New Filmmakers, Breckinridge Film Festival, WorldFest Houston, Digital/HD Film Festival.



Director, Editor


Various Comedy Shorts.




ESU11 SUMMER HONORS.  Summer 2013

Film Instructor

Taught a class of 10 high schoolers the basics of filmmaking during a two week intensive honors program.  Responsible for the daily lesson plan, basic tech troubleshooting, and supervising a dozen small projects from inception to completion.




Story Producer


Worked both in the field and in post on a variety of differnt reality show types from competition to docusoap.  Responsible for assembling episodes, managing editors, writing voice over, dealing with notes, and getting shows to time.  It has taught me a lot about dealing with egos, executives, and making something out of nothing.


Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts

The University of Arizona 2003


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop,

Final Cut Pro 7, Avid, MS Office,

Amazing Beard, Unparalleled Geek Prowess