Finished Films



Horror Comedy.  DIST: Indican Pictures


Two sisters travel to a roadside attraction to surprise their bigfoot-mascot performing fiance when disaster strikes.  After falling in a pool of toxic waste, the fiance and his coworkers become murderous monsters (in terrible mascot costumes) with a penchant for human flesh.  Now, trapped in the attraction with a colorful cast of characters, the sisters must fight the monsters while trying to save the one they love.


"Succeeds in doling out equal parts grisly gore and unconventional laughs" - Ain't it Cool News


"An incredibly funny, rich, and ultimately entertaining movie with enough heart to keep you hooked till the end" - Dread Central


"An absolute blast, it’s filled with enough gore and horror to satisfy us gore-hungry beasts and there is enough laughs for those of us who like our horror a little bit more chilled and Love in the Time of Monsters manages to balance both of them brilliantly." -


In Development



PROVING GROUND is MAD MAX meets THELMA AND LOUISE with rich world building, memorial characters, and thrilling action.


The story follows Abbie as she races across a post-apocalyptic wasteland on a mission to save her kidnapped husband from a band of raiders with the help of an unexpected ally. Together they'll have to stop the raiders before they convert the husband to one of their own.


Blcklst calls it an ”action-packed, fight-filled futuristic film about two women fighting an impossible battle [is] a wonderful message about of the resilience of the human spirit” with a “fantastically-entertaining lead character” and “plenty of angles for marketing itself”.


Currently looking for funding.



SLASHBACK is GROUNDHOG DAY meets FRIDAY THE 13th with an innovative narrative structure, strong female leads, and a deep universal message.


The story follows Gwen after a disasterous romantic New Years Eve getaway with her boyfriend  as she's murdered by a masked maniac only to wake up and relive the day over and over again.


For the horror fans, the movie offers a huge kill count (though a very low body count) with an assortment of fun and interesting kills.


But for those looking to dig deeper, the movie showcases the struggle one faces breaking out of their daily rut and the perseverance one must have to overcome it.


Currently being prepared for funding.