Random Photo Goodness

What's in a picture? Everything.

When designing the site, I needed the right picture for the background; Something interesting, but not distracting. With that in mind I dove into my files to scour through my back catalogue of photographs to see what I had. I chose half a dozen that seemed to work, gave them a few little tweaks, and then uploaded them to see what worked the best.

While I’m pretty stoked with the final picture, I thought I’d show you the other options I was thinking of.

A graphitti-covered wall in the Arts District in Downtown LA.

The exterior wall of Angel City Brewing in Downtown LA.

Sunset off the coast of California.

The Old Mill Shopping Center in Bend, OR.

An old camera at the Japanese American National Museum in Downtown LA.

A glacier in Glacier Bay, AK.

Another glacier in Glacier Bay, AK.

A spherical firepit in Bend, OR.

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